Directives from Heaven – Abortion

Directives and prophecies provided from Heaven to Veronica Leuken of New York, United States. The text from this Directive is as follows: “Know, My child, this simple lesson, that in these days of the latter times, women will seek to cast off their role as mother and a woman. Women will cast it off underContinue reading “Directives from Heaven – Abortion”

“My Tears Fall On You”

“My tears fall on you. [At this point Veronica broke into tears.] “Pray, My children. So many souls will be lost. It is because I love you that I come. “You will have to suffer, My child. Cry with Me, My child, for I have never stopped crying. [Veronica continued crying.] “Pray; pray always, becauseContinue reading ““My Tears Fall On You””

“Why Won’t You Listen to Me?”

“I weep for the murder of the Holy Innocents. Man has discovered sophisticated sin, governed by body pleasures. Only satan could fashion such diabolical destruction. “I wander the earth in tears. My children have forgotten Us. So many will be lost. Why won’t you listen to Me? I plead with you as your Mother: listenContinue reading ““Why Won’t You Listen to Me?””

Pray for Those on the Road to Perdition

“This should be a most joyous occasion, My children, but We look down and see thousands of slaughtered innocents. We cry tears of anguish. The Father demands punishment! “We beg penance and reparation of you all. All loving hearts must bear the burden of this sorrow, to pray for those lost on the road toContinue reading “Pray for Those on the Road to Perdition”

Compassion from the Heart of Jesus

“Remember always, I bring you compassion from the heart of My Jesus. We cry for every soul that will be lost. I plead with you, My children, for prayers. We will send forth a shower of roses, a shower of graces.”– Our Lady, 6th October 1970

Doors of Hell are Wide Open

“Turn away from your satanic diversions, before it is too late! The pleasures blind you to the truth and place you on the wide road, away from My Son. “The doors of hell are open wide. Save your soul and those you love. Prayer alone can save you. “The light is burning low. Open yourContinue reading “Doors of Hell are Wide Open”

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