United Nations

“America, you will remove yourself, as a country, from that brood of vipers in your city that has set itself up to govern the world’s peoples and lead them to destruction.” – Our Lady to Veronica Leuken, 7th December 1971

Peace Symbol

“Remove that diabolical sign of satan from your children’s throats, for it will strangle their souls—this mark of the Antichrist, the cross that is broken, used as a disguise, the ‘peace symbol.’ Destroy them, before they destroy your children! Place the cross upon their necks, for that will be all that will save them.” –Continue reading “Peace Symbol”


“You women who profane your bodies have been led by Satan to soul destruction. You expose your bodies, not knowing the evil that comes into the mind of the beholder. Therefore, your sin is twofold, for you have led another to fall into sin. The parts that you expose shall be burned from your limbsContinue reading “Twofold”


“I refuse any soul the privilege of being with My Mother unless properly attired. Women will not dress as men in Her presence, nor will women condone the attire during their earthly existence. Can you not sacrifice for Me? Better the abuse of the flesh than the fire to the soul.” – Jesus to VeronicaContinue reading “Privilege”

Score Sheet

“The evil one, I have warned you of, has continued on his dastardly deeds of destruction! When will you wake up from your feelings of false security? You are all blind, My children! Will it take a major catastrophe to awaken you? The souls you have sent back to My Father will be your scoreContinue reading “Score Sheet”

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