Directives from Heaven – Only Recourse

Directives and prophecies provided from Heaven to Veronica Leuken of New York, United States. The text from this Directive is as follows: “There is only one recourse for mankind now to avoid a Third World War – that is more prayer, more penance, and more sacrifice for sinners. Those who are keeping the laws ofContinue reading “Directives from Heaven – Only Recourse”

“Is He Not Your King?”

“O My children, how light you make My heart with the many Rosaries you send up to Us. We look down upon a pagan world, and My heart bleeds for the blindness of those souls being led to the slaughter. They are like sheep playing follow-the-leader. “Why must you insult My Son? Can you notContinue reading ““Is He Not Your King?””

Wisdom of the Ages

Veronica – Then someone, a man in a white gown, poked his head through the opening into the cave, but he didn’t hear the music or see the angels. It would have been evident in his face. The man started to talk to Joseph. I could not catch his words.I am convinced it is onlyContinue reading “Wisdom of the Ages”

Hand of Glory Ready to Strike

“Already the Father has sent you many warnings which you fail to recognize. Observe the near future and open your eyes to the truth, for the hand of God is ready to strike. “Those living in the light have nothing to fear, for all body discomfortsor destruction will only remove the shackles that bind yourContinue reading “Hand of Glory Ready to Strike”

Riches of Spirit

“I am Theresa of the Infant Jesus. I sought not the riches of this world, but hid myself with poverty of body but richness of spirit. I found in my obscurity a far greater glory in the light from Heaven. “Follow my little way. Join me here in this glorious Kingdom. How worthless the thingsContinue reading “Riches of Spirit”

“Place Not Your Trust in This World”

“The strong must carry the weak. Keep His cross before you always. Prayer and sacrifice will be your guide to the light. Place not your trust in this world, for it is your exile. Eternity is forever!”– Our Lady to Veronica Leukin, 1st July 1970

“Keep His Cross Before You Always”

“Man has forgotten My Son. It hurts to be turned away. Love My Son, as He loves you! You can’t bargain with God and man. One you will love, the other you will hate. “The strong must carry the weak. Keep His cross before you always. Prayer and sacrifice will be your guide to theContinue reading ““Keep His Cross Before You Always””

Doors of Hell are Wide Open

“Turn away from your satanic diversions, before it is too late! The pleasures blind you to the truth and place you on the wide road, away from My Son. “The doors of hell are open wide. Save your soul and those you love. Prayer alone can save you. “The light is burning low. Open yourContinue reading “Doors of Hell are Wide Open”

More Than Your Minds Can Conceive

“It is sad to see, My children, that the light has left many homes. The children are walking in darkness. Must My Son forcefully admonish you with a strong hand? So many of the good will then have to suffer along. I repeat again: the punishment metered out to you for the disobedience and turningContinue reading “More Than Your Minds Can Conceive”

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