“My Tears Fall On You”

“My tears fall on you. [At this point Veronica broke into tears.] “Pray, My children. So many souls will be lost. It is because I love you that I come. “You will have to suffer, My child. Cry with Me, My child, for I have never stopped crying. [Veronica continued crying.] “Pray; pray always, becauseContinue reading ““My Tears Fall On You””

“The Choice Has Always Been Yours to Make”

“My voice grows weak, child, cries, but grows weak. How long must I shed My tears for an uncaring world? How long must I care for a world who cares for the things of satan? Every person will fear; and the good will suffer, for they will fear the damnation ahead for those who chooseContinue reading ““The Choice Has Always Been Yours to Make””

Compassion from the Heart of Jesus

“Remember always, I bring you compassion from the heart of My Jesus. We cry for every soul that will be lost. I plead with you, My children, for prayers. We will send forth a shower of roses, a shower of graces.”– Our Lady, 6th October 1970

Thirst for Souls

“The sorrows are before you. Yes, I know why you cry, My child; for you, too, know Our anguish. Our Theresa placed the road before you, bringing with her the love of souls, the thirst for souls. And now you must share with us the torment of knowledge of how many will be lost. PrayerContinue reading “Thirst for Souls”

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