“Through this treasure [the medal of Our Lady of the Roses] will flow many graces from Heaven. Have them also blessed by a true, loving priest and wear them for the days ahead. For, as the crippled will be cured, the blind can see, so shall all be saved who believe and wear this medal.”Continue reading “True”

Directives from Heaven – Indulgences

Directives and prophecies provided from Heaven to Veronica Leuken of New York, United States. The text from this Directive is as follows: “Much of your Faith in graces and indulgences, My child, they have been removed. Gather the books given to you in the past. Though mankind has set himself above His God to removeContinue reading “Directives from Heaven – Indulgences”

A World that is Now the Kingdom of Satan

“I repeat again, live every earthly day in the spirit. At this moment I cannot divulge the full plan of the Father. Prepare! Prepare! Retire from a world that is now the kingdom of satan. Gather your loved ones about you. Protect them with a vigil of prayer, the Rosary. “You are not alone inContinue reading “A World that is Now the Kingdom of Satan”

Compassion from the Heart of Jesus

“Remember always, I bring you compassion from the heart of My Jesus. We cry for every soul that will be lost. I plead with you, My children, for prayers. We will send forth a shower of roses, a shower of graces.”– Our Lady, 6th October 1970

Weak From Confusion

“It is a way of satan, this confusion, for men grow weak from confusion. Increase your numbers of Rosaries, for they will always hold back the darkness. The graces you will need will come from the Father because of His great love of this darkening world.”– Our Lady to Veronica Leukin, 26th December 1970

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