Directives from Heaven – Only Recourse

Directives and prophecies provided from Heaven to Veronica Leuken of New York, United States. The text from this Directive is as follows: “There is only one recourse for mankind now to avoid a Third World War – that is more prayer, more penance, and more sacrifice for sinners. Those who are keeping the laws ofContinue reading “Directives from Heaven – Only Recourse”

A World that is Now the Kingdom of Satan

“I repeat again, live every earthly day in the spirit. At this moment I cannot divulge the full plan of the Father. Prepare! Prepare! Retire from a world that is now the kingdom of satan. Gather your loved ones about you. Protect them with a vigil of prayer, the Rosary. “You are not alone inContinue reading “A World that is Now the Kingdom of Satan”

A Father’s Chastisement

“O My loving children, if you could only understand how very much I want to share the joys of Our world here with you! Howmany souls I long to touch with the grace to ‘see’! Many could share this grace if they would but open their hearts to Us. Closeyour eyes, close your ears, andContinue reading “A Father’s Chastisement”

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