A Father’s Chastisement

“O My loving children, if you could only understand how very much I want to share the joys of Our world here with you! How
many souls I long to touch with the grace to ‘see’! Many could share this grace if they would but open their hearts to Us. Close
your eyes, close your ears, and listen with your heart.

“They will try to still your voice, My child, but have no fear. I surround you with My Immaculate Heart.

“The recognition of the Father will not be denied, for His disobedient children will ask for a Father’s chastisement. I do not seek to place fear in your hearts, but only the realization of the possible consequences.

“Have heart, for the dark days will be shortened for the elect, the children who sought to comfort Us when We were cast aside.”

Our Lady to Veronica Leukin, 6th October 1970

Published by Amanda McPhee

Professional spiritual adviser to who knows who.

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