Directives from Heaven – Breadwinner

Directives and prophecies provided from Heaven to Veronica Leuken of New York, United States. The text from this Directive is as follows: “Where is the place of the man and father? Where has he gone from the homes? Why has woman sought to take his place? Satan has created this delusion. The place of womanContinue reading “Directives from Heaven – Breadwinner”

Modern Nuns

“Though the forces of evil have entered the holy Church, they will not destroy the home of My Son. Do not abandon My Son because of the present confusion, for We will rescue you from the darkness. “Foolish virgins! Why do you choose to live in this world of earth? Have you become blind toContinue reading “Modern Nuns”

A Way of Life

“Sin has now become a way of life in your country! Mothers, what will happen to your children outside your home? Protect your children for there is no salvation outside your home, the anchor of a good home dedicated to Christ the King!”– Our Lady to Veronica Leukin, 21st November 1970

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