Every Soul is Precious

“You must temper your appetites. Excesses weaken the soul. The road to satan is easy, but Heaven is earned very hard. It is not an impossible road to follow, just one guided by love with prayer. “Many messages of the past must be dispersed now. All souls must be reached. Every soul is precious toContinue reading “Every Soul is Precious”

“My Tears Fall on all Mothers”

“The strong must carry the weak. Keep His cross before you always. Prayer and sacrifice will be your guide to the light. Place not your trust in this world, for it is your exile. Eternity is forever! “The children are the innocent victims. Pray for your children. My tears fall on all mothers. Come toContinue reading ““My Tears Fall on all Mothers””

Be Not Guided by Fear

“Remain in communion with My Son, for He will protect you. Visit My Son often. You have many friends in Heaven. Be not guided by fear, but by prayer. Fear not the darkness, for I carry the light. “Veronica, you must shout My message from the roof! Fear not the suffering, for We will wipeContinue reading “Be Not Guided by Fear”

They are Confused

“Pray always for your priests, your pastors, who are now confused. It is a way of satan, this confusion, for men grow weak from confusion. Increase your numbers of Rosaries, for they will always hold back the darkness. The graces you will need will come from the Father because of His great love ofthis darkeningContinue reading “They are Confused”

Man will Be as a Animal

“The Father now diffuses the Spirit throughout the world. Pray not that He will find need to remove the Spirit, for then no words will describe the hell upon you all. “Without the Spirit, man will act as insane to his brother. There will be no law, no order, no charity of heart. Man willContinue reading “Man will Be as a Animal”

Breathes the Spirit of Life

“My Rosary will be the light of the world. Prayer can only stop the man of perdition. Half of the world is already in darkness. No man is beyond the reach of satan. Many will perish in the engulfment. There is salvation in prayer. Turn to My Son. Give Him your heart. Pray for thoseContinue reading “Breathes the Spirit of Life”

Enemy Within the Church

“The enemy is within holy Church. Satan will find many to create heresy, with the loss of the true Faith. Resist the knife that seeks to cut holy Church asunder, for My Immaculate Heart will triumph over all evil. The present strife is but asymptom of the underlying sickness, the loss of soul. Prayer isContinue reading “Enemy Within the Church”

Coast to Coast

“I want a string of Rosaries across your land, from coast to coast, a solid chain to keep out the enemy, a solid chain of protection. Unite in prayer to keep out the enemy. “Realize the power in your hand with the Rosary, for in your hands you hold the power of God.” – OurContinue reading “Coast to Coast”

The Veil

“My children, We are always with you, but you must think your way to Us. This may be confusing at first, but really quite simple; for prayer is a form of soul meditation through the thinking process. What you hear within is the Spirit within. What you see in vision is a temporary lifting ofContinue reading “The Veil”

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