World is Your Exile

“Man has forgotten My Son. It hurts to be turned away. Love My Son, as He loves you! You can’t bargain with God and man. One you will love, the other you will hate. “The strong must carry the weak. Keep His cross before you always. Prayer and sacrifice will be your guide to theContinue reading “World is Your Exile”

“Many Will be Sacrificed in the Engulfment”

“Pray for My priests. They are led into the darkness. Many hearts are hardened to the truth. There is salvation in prayer. Many will be sacrificed in the engulfment. Carry your cross, My children. All hearts must rise to Heaven in prayer.”– Our Lady to Veronica Leukin, 15th July 1970

“It Will Not be an Easy Mission”

“Carry your cross, My children. Be not affected by the mockery and insults you will receive when you defend My Son. We will always be with you, so face the world with His cross in your hand. It will not be an easy mission, but the final outcome will far exceedall the greatest joys ofContinue reading ““It Will Not be an Easy Mission””

“Carry Your Crosses with Joy For the Expectancy of Heaven”

“I do not ask but your love. Your obligation to the world, Veronica, will be heavier because you have been allowed to see many thingsbeyond your world. “Continue to give to the world—to bring Our message to the world. It is not an easy task. But carry your crosses with joy for the expectancy ofContinue reading ““Carry Your Crosses with Joy For the Expectancy of Heaven””

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