Only Because He is Long-Suffering

“Do you deny your God because the punishment has not come upon you as yet? It is only because He is long-suffering and cares
not to see one child lost to Him that the punishment you so deserve has been held in abeyance. But each day you continue without penance and atonement, bringing you closer to the end.

“Yes, My child, you have reason to fear; but not for what can happen in this world, but what will be your lot as you pass over to the Kingdom. God will look into your hearts and you will be judged, not by the way or standards of the world to judge, but the complete picture. He will see in your heart.

“Your country cannot conceive nor expect the vengeance of an angry Father!”

Our Lady to Veronica Leukin, 26th December 1970

Published by Amanda McPhee

Professional spiritual adviser to who knows who.

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