Veronica Leukin Prophecies

IntroductionAbout the Seer – Veronica Leukin Prophecies – Love Poetry

The below recordings are the voice of Bayside prophet Veronica Leukin at Our Lady of the Roses Mary Help of Mothers Shrine in New York, USA. During the period spanning from the 18th June 1987 until 18th June 1994 the voice of Veronica was recorded as she had visits from Mother Mary herself and her Son Jesus. They brought messages of dire warning to humanity of the coming days but the messages, for the most part, went unheard. Many turned away thinking that Veronica was insane and few heeded the warning indeed including the Catholic Church.

Audio Recordings

18th June 1987

1st October 1988

6th October 1988

March 18th 1989

17th June 1989

2nd October 1989

18th June 1990

20th November 1990

18th June 1991

18th June 1992

6th October 1992

18th June 1993

18th June 1994

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