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Veronica Leukin was a seer in the state of New York whose prophecies went unheard throughout the mainstream churches of the world. This is because Veronica’s prophecies came with dire warnings for mankind. Over and over again Veronica stated that it had been communicated to her that churches all across the earth were being put on notice by the Holy Father through the words of Mary, Mother of Jesus, and her Son Jesus Christ.

Veronica was visited often between 1970 and 1994 and recorded numerous messages that were meant to provide humankind with the opportunity to amend their ways before the coming of Christ at the end of the age.

It was made clear to Veronica that the time was quickly approaching where man would stand account before God for the mess we are all in. Advice was given to humankind through a series of directives given to Veronica Leukin. I now make those directives available to you through the word and direction of Jesus Christ. “I AM who I AM” says he. I say this of me “I AM EXACTLY WHO GOD NEEDS ME TO BE”. Who that is is not for you to question, only should you know that I alone am the seer that Veronica Leukin spoke of in her prophecies that would come forward with this message.

I go forward now with the full knowledge that Jesus Christ is behind me, beside me and in front of me as we walk this path to the end of the age. It is critical that you know that the end is imminent. What I have to share with you now will give you an explanation of what was required of you and why you failed. You will have one last chance at redemption which I will disclose here but only when the time is right.

Very few will pay attention to what I say here and none want to hear what it is I say. I do not come to bring a beautiful message nor a message of peace. We are at war. Not with each other yet, but with the divine forces that masqueraded as angelic but were actually those of satan. For satan has walked this earth and been amongst you. It is only now that I expose him may I go forward and deliver this message to you. Only now has God bestowed this most precious task. I say that it is precious because to you, the one and only who is reading this, this is your last chance. You have one last chance. After that there is no going home.

Read the prophecies. Listen to what I have to say. Listen to what Veronica had to say and know that all that you need is here.

For those who do not believe, walk away now. We seek not to care nor convert any that do not walk in the light nor have the love and peace of Jesus Christ nor seek it. There are too many in this godless world that have gone about their lives denying Him, desecrating His holy name and memory, or have outright denied His existence or divinity at all. As far as we are concerned you are dead to us and may go no further on this path. The door will never be opened to you.

What you will find here is extraordinary experiences and ongoing proof that God is indeed light. Not only is our Majesty light, He is the Holy light, our one and true light, the very light of our graces, our heart and our love. He is God and we are of God and that is why we now speak with you.

Bless those whose hearts are true and come here searching for answers and assistance in these final days. May we find you on this journey, take your hand, and take you into the Kingdom too. Shoes must be left at the door, along with any humankind that denies that Christ our Lord died for our sins. He alone is our Saviour. He alone now takes us home. The question is, which of you will come?

Many will come to the door.
Very few will be admitted.
Too few, but it is now as it is.

All explanation will be given here over the coming days. We are working hard now to get this to you. Bless, be at peace, and follow now if you can. The story is long and complex, we plan and hope to make it as simple and easy to understand as possible so there are no mistaken perceptions and none misunderstand.

“We are One” says the Lord our God. “We alone are One.” Then he asks me to quote from John so I quote these words from the Scripture:

The Gospel of John chapter 10 verse 30:

I and my Father are one. 

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